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No. 20 of Top 75 Global Tire Manufacturers in Year 2021


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Brand introduction

Newpower is a premium truck tire brand under Double Coin Group- Kunlun Tyre targeted at the American market. Since its debut in 2002, New power has been focusing on the ultra-premium commercial tires that deliver high value and operational efficiencies for fleets and owner-operators.

Owned by Kunlun Tyre, one of the largest tire manufacturer in China and the Top 20 tire manufacturer in the world, New power marketed focus on the tyre and express services to provide best service for customers, to be a professional and high-quality service brand in the automotive aftermarket.

Originating from a professional R&D team with 50 years’ experience in tire development and design, New power is committed to creating top-quality tires with excellent equipment, extensive testing, and strict quality management to meet diverse consumer demands.

With the increasing maturity of advanced technology, New power has become a rising star. It has poised for the gradual expansion into different markets to bring first-class tires to consumers around the world.


To be the most professional tire manufacturer and provider


Produce “safe, comfortable, green, environmental protection, and energy saving” tires


Loyalty, responsibility, integrity, and win-win, be a respected person and company


Open, integration and harmony


Quality, integrity, and culture, Forlander is the best in the world

Newpower Tires designed and developed for specific application requirements

Long Haul Newpower Tires A Truck Tire Brand Commercial Truck Tires

long Haul

Interstate and Highway  Long distance routes


Frequent braking, acceleration and turning

Mix Service

Frequent use both on and off-road

Urban | Light Duty

Mainly on paved road, occasional use on unpaved road conditions

Outstanding products

A Premium tire brand manufactured by Double Coin Kunlun Tyres

Since 1970, Newpower was committed to becoming a premier tire brand in the highly competitive market.
As part of one of the largest tire manufacturers “Double Coin Holdings Ltd”, Newpower has the production capacity in producing more than 217 specifications, over 688 varieties, annually producing 2.2 millions all-steel Radial Tires and 1.5 millions engineering tires and tires for large agricultural machinery and industrial vehicle.



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