Newpower- Committed to making quality truck tires

Newpower have various tire patterns and designs in the truck and bus tires suitable to all types of applications.

Newpower Commercial Truck Tires

Newpower offers an extensive line of quality truck and bus tires manufactured to deliver long-term performance and value in every type of driving application

Truck Tires


Newpower- Committed to making quality truck tires

Get more miles out of your commercial truck tires, at a fair price to boot. We’re all about value.

long Haul Tires

Tires built primarily for highways and low abrasion environments


Tires built for medium haul and urban environments

Mine & Construction Tires

Tires built for use in on/off road applications, engineered with additional ozone protection for long tire life

City Bus | Light Duty

We’ve made sure our Bus & Coach tires are reinforced with sidewalls that protect your buses and your reputation. 

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Newpower Tires has always been aimed to create high-quality Radial tires and has launched a wide range of tires.

Here are 8 patterns for the size of 315 80R22 5 tires, namely NA865, NF876, ND855, KT858, ND870, and KT850, NA871, ND880, NF828. 

Newpower Tires also developed stronger 315 80R22 5 22PR with 3 patterns KT858, ND855, ND870 based on wider tread and stronger tire construction.

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