NF852 Newpower all position tire

Newpower’s 11r 22.5 drive tyres Super Wide Tread Medium and Long-Haul Steer and Trailer Tire For Highway and Paved Roads

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■Newpower all position tire ,The design of four straight grooves has functions of guidance, drainage and comfort on tyres under high-speed running. Steel sheets connected vertically and horizontally help provide good grip. Wavy bottom of main grooves can prevent stones from being trapped in the grooves and grooves from cracking;

World wide tire Wide tread, excellent tread compound and reasonable tread design provide excellent wear resistance;

■The open pattern design on shoulders can effectively and timely dissipate the heat from the shoulders;

■Suitable for medium and long-distance fixed-load vehicles, expressways and paved roads;

■Used for guide wheels and tow wheels.


Tire Size Ply Rating Pattern Tread Depth
Speed Rating Load Index Rim Section Width
Load Capacity (kg) Inflation Pressure/kpa Tread Width
11R22.5 16 NF852 16.5 L 146/143 8.25 279 3000/2725 830 220
295/80R22.5 18 NF852 15.5 L 152/149 9.00 298 3550/3250 900 250

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