Mining Dump Truck Tire size 16.00R25 (445/95R25) KT701

Newpower Tire 16.00R25 (445/95R25) KT701 (best chinese tyres) new wide dump truck tires for mining have been on sale.

The formula is improved on the basis of the original 14.00R25 (385/95R25) KT701/702 matching and actual use experience in the OE market, which is more suitable for the use environment of wide-body vehicles in the mining area.

The wear resistance and puncture resistance of the tires have been further outstanding. Get the favor of partners.

At present, it has entered the mining areas of Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi, Tibet, Yunnan and other provinces.

According to the actual operating environment and use time, the quality is same with the 14.00R25 (385/95R25) OE products.

Hard mining areas (such as gold, iron, copper mine…) The average tire life is 6-7 months, and the average operating time per day is 13-16 hours.

The average tire life of soft mining areas (mainly coal mines) is 8-9 months, and the average operating time per day is 11-13 hours.

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