Tire brand value ranking – 2023

Tire brand value ranking – 2023

At the 20th World Brand Congress in 2023, the analysis report “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” sponsored by the World Brand Lab unveiled the latest tire brand value ranking. The list showcases the nine most influential and valuable brands in the tire industry, which are Shuangxing, Linglong, Cylun, Chaoyang, Shuangqian , Qianjin , Qianlima , Zhengxin and Taikai Ying.

The emergence of these listed brands is not only an affirmation of their excellent performance in the market, but also highlights their recognition and brand value in the minds of consumers. These brands play an important role in the tire industry, with high quality, reliability and innovation at the core, providing an exceptional driving experience for car owners around the world.

First of all, as a member of the ranking, the Double Coin tire has won widespread praise for its excellent performance and reliability. Its technological innovation and exquisite craftsmanship make it the first choice for many car owners. Dual Star tires occupy an important position in the market with excellent handling stability, good wear resistance and excellent grip.

Secondly, Linglong’s inclusion on the list proves its leading position in the market. With its high quality and excellent performance, Linglong Tires has established a good reputation in the domestic and foreign markets. It focuses on technology research and development and innovation to continuously improve product quality and performance to meet changing consumer needs.

As a well-known tire brand, Cylon has won the favor of the majority of car owners with its excellent quality and wide product line. Its continuous innovation and excellence in the field of technology has made it one of the leaders in the industry. Cylon not only focuses on the improvement of product performance, but also actively promotes sustainable development and environmental awareness.

The inclusion of brands such as Chaoyang, Shuangqian, Qianjin, Qianlima, Zhengxin and Taikai Ying also proves their competitiveness and value in the tire industry. With their professional manufacturing process, excellent quality and diversified product lines, these brands have met the needs of different consumers and won the double harvest of market share and user reputation.

The publication of this tire brand value ranking provides consumers with a valuable reference, enabling them to make an informed choice among the many options. Whether in terms of performance, safety or sustainability, these listed brands uphold high standards to provide consumers with an exceptional driving experience.

In the future development, these brands will continue to be committed to technological innovation and product upgrades, constantly improve quality and performance, and bring more surprises and convenience to car owners around the world. Whether on city roads or rugged mountain roads, these brands of tires can give owners more safety and confidence, so that they can enjoy driving.

Taking the release of the “China 500 Most Valuable Brands” analysis report as an opportunity, let’s look forward to these brands to create more brilliance in the future development, and bring more excellent tire products to global car owners. Let’s celebrate the success of these brands and be proud of their leading position in the industry!

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Newpower Tires, was established in 2002. Since the beginning, Newpower has been focusing on the ultra-premium commercial tires that deliver high value and operational efficiencies for fleets and owner-operators. Its products include tires for commercial trucks and buses, light trucks, and special trailers.

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