TBR tyres demand explodes. Chinese tyre manufacturer are ready!

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With the recent global economic recovery and the increasing infrastructure, the demand for tbr tyres is increasing.

Major global tire markets are facing increasingly urgent demand for TBR.about this,we are also get series of readys……

At present,our main company has the production capacity in producing more than 60 specifications, over 150 varieties, annually producing 1 million all-steel load Radial Tires and 1.15 million diagonal tires (including 150,000 engineering tyres and large farm machinery tyres). After three years’ continuous improvement, the all-steel Radial Tire has been improved in the cognition and won the users’ supports, and the sales amount has risen year by year.

In the market, kunlun tyres ranks in the forefront of the whole country in the product quality, credit; market price and market share in the northwest region, and has become one of the biggest enterprises in the production of tyres in the northwest area. By the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the annual production capacity of 2.2 million all-steel load radial tires and 1.2 million diagonal tires (including 200,000 engineering tyres and large farm machinery tyres) will be realized, with annual sales income of CNY 4 billion.

The company provides high quality and satisfied products for the general customers taking the scientific production technology management and the abundant technical strength as the forerunner, and the advanced production equipment, consummate production craft as the foundation, and the complete quality inspection information management as the means.

The company will always adhere to the business tenet of “cast enterprise in good faith, image with quality, future with service and benefit from management”, and take the scientific development view as the guide, and comprehensively build KUNLUN TYRE Company into a large-scale enterprise with scientific management, outstanding business, strong innovation capacity, independent brand and strong core competitiveness surrounding the development ideas of “one plate, two bases, two-wheel drive and North-South coordinated development”, and following the enterprise values of “loyalty, due diligence, integrity, win-win, social respect of the people and enterprises”

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